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Why we do what we do

We could crap on about falling in love with photography or being born into a pool of developing fluid or finding our life’s passion, but none of that really matters.

What matters is that your wedding makes us feel alive.

Weddings feed our soul.

We don’t really care about your handmade bunting, your custom candles, your recycled paper invitations, or your bespoke wedding dress (although of course we’ll photograph it all and treat it with respect)… what we care about, is your story, and your guests.

You’ll hire us to:

… create art

We’re different. We see the world differently. We’re not into traditional or classic or anything remotely normal.

If you’re looking for something timeless, traditional, classic, and posey, we’re not for you. Thanks. Have a look here.

Our clients are different. They’re the geeks & freaks of the world. They don’t fit traditional norms. They’re into standing out, making a difference, and being different.

When we photograph your wedding, we don’t just try to document it “nicely” for your grandmother (as much as we love your grandmother), we’re trying to create art.

You’re going to help us create something you’ve never seen before. At every single wedding, we’re trying to create art that we’ve never created before.

This means, together, we might take a few risks. We’ll try something new. We’ll bring along a different piece of kit. We’ll try some things that don’t work. Some of our images will fail. But when it does work, it’ll look like magic.

When our clients tell us that their favourite photos are also our favourite photos, we know we’ve done our job.

(All of these images to the left are our client’s favourite photos, and they’re some of the crazy artistic photos we dreamed up or spontaneously crafted during a wedding day. If these images excite you, then you could be our dream client.)

Let’s be weird, and create art together.

You’ll hire us to:

… remember who is important

On a Sunday morning, a mere 7 days after her wedding, Abby emailed me with a simple request:

“my Dad has passed away suddenly. I just wanted to ask you to please not delete any semi decent photos you have of him – they are treasure.”

This moment reinforced why we’re doing this.

It’s not for the likes or follows (have a look at our social media accounts and try to tell me that we give a shit about that).

It’s not for our awards or accolades (yes, we’ve chased these in the past, and done pretty well at them) — not anymore.

It’s not for the travel or the exotic locations or the food or the wedding cake (all of which are pretty damn good, btw).

It’s to help you celebrate those people that are important in your life.

When you invite people to your wedding, you’re telling the world who matters to you, who is important in your life.

Before every wedding, we’ll ask you the question: “Who is important to you?”
Because they become important to us.

You’ll hire us to:

… make you feel like rockstars

We’re not prima donnas who demand dinner and a seat at your reception (although a meal is greatly appreciated).

We’re not going to be upset if you allocate 30 minutes for bridal party photos, or 2 hours (longer is always better, but it’s your day, not ours).

Who are we to make any decisions on your big day? This is your day, you bloody rock your own wedding day in your own style!

We’ll do everything we can — go out of our way — to ensure that you have the most stress-free, comfortable, and fun wedding day… and that you feel like an absolute rockstar.

It’s your big day. You deserve it.

“The amount of energy you brought made the photos lots of fun and we were able to be ourselves.” ~ Laura & Nick

“You made our big day stress free and the feedback we have from our guests about you guys is nothing but positive.” ~ Brad & Jess

“Myles, who hates photos, absolutely loves them. You have made our special day that much more memorable, we thank you for that.” ~ Zoe & Myles

“You guys have such an amazing talent and Rob and I are so happy that we got you to document our day. We don’t think we could have been this happy with anyone else’s work. Your documentary style, artsy viewpoint, and most of all your ability to capture those little moments that truly sum up all the emotions of the day in both us and our guests is exactly what we were looking for in a photographer!” ~ Colina & Rob

“We can not thank you enough for your work on Saturday. I can not believe the incredible level of energy and enthusiasm you both maintained throughout the day and long into the night. ~ Veronica & Deon

We’re not important. You are.

If you don’t like art, aren’t into making memories, or don’t want to feel special, then let’s give it a miss. Again, here’s a link with some other suggestions. No hard feelings.

But if you want your wedding photography to be one of the greatest parts of your entire wedding day,
give us a shout. Maybe we can help.

Creative Wellington Wedding Photographer

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