Rahael & Brendon

It’s not typical to get married in the middle of winter, but everything about Rahael and Brendon’s wedding day was a bit unique. The cultural sensation of a sari-draped bride marrying a kilt-wearing groom. A storming and emotive groomsmen entrance teeming with Maori heritage, followed by the classic modern kiwi sound of Tiki Taane.

Prayer and faith were in abundance throughout the day. Personalised heartfelt vows flowed through to warm speeches and prayer. On a cold winter’s day in All Saints Church everyone’s heart was warmed by Rahael and Brendon’s love.

Bridesmaids gifted individually wrapped fruitcake to guests as they congratulated Rahael and Brendon before a GO Wellington bus transported them to The Pines, Houghton Bay, to continue the celebration of their marriage. The roaring fire created perfect ambiance for the drinks & canapés as the new Mr and Mrs Green mingled with their guests into the evening.

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