Meredith & James

Meredith & James. The Perfect Match.

I met Meredith at the North City Wedding Expo in January.

“Are you from Taupo?” she asked me.

“No” I replied bluntly.

Looking at her confused and disappointed face, I then thought for a couple of seconds over what she had just asked me. Realising she had actually asked “Would you travel to Taupo?” I tactfully reconsidered my response:

“Actually, hang on. I think we could work something out.”

And we did.

And it rocked.

Try listening to this piece of music whilst scrolling through the images.

[audio:|titles=Sweet Disposition|artists=The Temper Trap]

Trust me, it’ll make your day. It certainly made theirs.


01_Bridal_Prep_066_2141 01_Bridal_Prep_007_2017


01_Bridal_Prep_019_2041 01_Bridal_Prep_034_8664


01_Bridal_Prep_079_2096 01_Bridal_Prep_080_8815

01_Bridal_Prep_082_8771 01_Bridal_Prep_088_8807

01_Bridal_Prep_084_8778 01_Bridal_Prep_094_8846


At the same time James and his fellow dudes were getting ready down the road. Their family batch – beautifully positioned on the Taupo lakefront – was perfectly suited for a morning of suiting up and some quiet bubbles to calm the nerves. In a custom-tailored suit, square-tipped tie and stunning brogues James certainly looked the part.

02_Groomsmen_Prep_010_2215 02_Groomsmen_Prep_034_2294

02_Groomsmen_Prep_017_2244 02_Groomsmen_Prep_022_2261

02_Groomsmen_Prep_005_2196 02_Groomsmen_Prep_020_2259


02_Groomsmen_Prep_063_2424 02_Groomsmen_Prep_068_2411

Meanwhile, Meredith and her beautiful bridesmaids were putting the finishing touches to their gorgeous attire and helping Meredith slip into her beautiful dress. As overheard from Meredith later in the evening: “I always said I didn’t want to be a meringue, but it’s SO MUCH FUN!”

01_Bridal_Prep_061_8718 01_Bridal_Prep_138_9131


01_Bridal_Prep_130_9012 01_Bridal_Prep_128_9008


DSC_9073 DSC_9075 DSC_9076


Only moments before the commencement of the ceremony James, Father Row and the guests had shuffled the chairs outdoors. The morning had been dull and wet. But now the sun was shining. And it was worth it.



03_Ceremony_067_9254 03_Ceremony_095_0640


03_Ceremony_130_9397 03_Ceremony_135_2750

Away from the adoration of close family and friends we slipped around the back of the hotel for some bridal portraits. 90mins was squeezed into 45 as we quickly captured the beauty of Meredith & James and their bridal party.


04_Formal_Photoshoot_071_2831 04_Formal_Photoshoot_075_2837 04_Formal_Photoshoot_079_2841


04_Formal_Photoshoot_070_2830 04_Formal_Photoshoot_066_2818 04_Formal_Photoshoot_062_2814


The “Lunge”…


And then, with little time on our side and the last of the evening sun heading towards setting into the great lake, we took some of the most adorable portrait shots I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking. From shy beginnings of split-second kisses during our engagement shoot, these two couldn’t keep their hands – and lips – off each other!




The Perfect Match. With James’ graphic design skills and Meredith’s meticulous planning, the details were stunning. The whole day went to plan, and the evening was as emotional as any reception I’ve attended.

05_Speeches_003_2446 05_Speeches_009_2464


05_Speeches_014_2472 05_Speeches_011_2466

05_Speeches_012_2467 05_Speeches_018_2477

05_Speeches_024_2497 05_Speeches_023_2496


05_Speeches_070_9642 05_Speeches_065_3023

05_Speeches_094_9683 05_Speeches_055_9617


05_Speeches_163_3243 05_Speeches_164_3244

05_Speeches_157_3233 05_Speeches_152_3218



The evening shifted to the Hilton conservatory where my absolute favourite NZ band at this moment, Supermodel, rocked the night away and Meredith & James opened the proceedings with some wonderfully choreographed dancemoves. This should have been a sign of things to come, but we had to wait another hour or two…

06_Reception_005_3271 06_Reception_007_3274


06_Reception_077_0063 06_Reception_071_0053

06_Reception_112_3402 06_Reception_103_0138


And off course, the Photobooth – with accompanying guestbook – was present. What wedding would be complete without the Photobooth?

06_Reception_188_3482 06_Reception_143_3438

06_Reception_089_3351 06_Reception_098_3367

And then it stopped. The band ceased. The crowd gathered. And in the most amazing individual dance performance ever witnessed, James proceeded to demonstrate all those moves that wooed Meredith during that fateful evening at Boogie Wonderland. Usher’s O.M.G. will never sound the same again.

06_Reception_147_0254 06_Reception_148_0255


06_Reception_150_0259 06_Reception_159_0291



Hilton, Taupo

Oh My God indeed.