Hannah & James

We do love your photography!” said the email from Hannah, confirming our presence at their wedding.

You may notice something missing from this wedding. The timeless, emotive, classic black&white shots that normally punctuate any wedding coverage are missing. It’s all colour.

But the day was so full of fun, so full of laughter, and so full of beautiful light, that it seems wrong to show these in anything but.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, I present to you – in full technicolour – Hannah & James!

[audio:http://wedo.net.nz/wp-content/uploads/MichaelBuble_Everything.mp3|titles=Everything|artists=Michael Buble]

We started at Is Bliss on Taranaki St in Wellington, where Hannah and her 5 bridesmaids – yes, 5, all sisters and cousins! – spent the morning enjoying being pampered. This is always a really important part to our day: we get to meet the bridesmaids and the bride’s family and spend some relaxed time with them.

Bridal preparation Wellington IsBLiss


Hannah & James Bridal Preparation

Wellington Summer Wedding

Hannah James Wedding

Hair Makeup Artist

Candid laughing photo

And we then swung by The Boatshed to check on the morning’s preparations. Looking pretty amazing, I thought!

Guest book boatshed

Table plan design

Boat Shed Wedding

Wedding Cake

Photojournalistic candid documentary approach

Back at Hannah’s house the bridal preparations continued.

Details in parents home

Bride dress shoe detail

Catholic wedding

wedding gown

Bride prep

Mirror reflective creative

Sacred Heart Cathdedral (in Thorndon) was absolutely packed to the brim with guests, I’ve never seen people stretched to the last rows of pews. Hannah & James are certainly well loved!

sacred heart cathedral

Church catholic wedding

Priest ipad

Creative angle

Yes, that is indeed an iPad Father Tim is wielding.

wedding rings

first kiss at altar



church priest offertory

signing register

photo of camera

hugs & kisses

lots of love


We then disappeared for an hour or so across Wellington to the grounds of the Government House. What a privilege it was being able to photograph inside these very restricted and private grounds (unfortunately there’s a number of images we’re prevented from displaying – just trust me, they’re good!)



bridal party

bride & groom love

marriage photos



government house

There were some really cool photos taken about now that we’re not permitted to show, that look like the following:
Government House but can't show these images
Except a bit better.

But here’s a couple more we can show:

sunshine summer photo

shadow sillhouette

Despite running 15mins late and being locked inside the Government House grounds (not a bad place, but let’s be honest – we had somewhere more important to be!) we made it back to the Boat Shed on Wellington’s waterfront, looking splendid in the late evening sunshine.

boatshed wellington waterfront

inside reception

speakers microphone laughter

father of bride

fun & games


flowers head table

5 things

high five

sister brother laugh

wellington harbour


Quick, quirky photo op!



laughing more and more




As with all awesome weddings, a surprise or two simply adds to the day. Hannah’s bridal party performed a small musical piece, reminiscent of their childhood performances.

Sing along with me now:

Bottoms up! We’re all in town, Hannah,
You look gorgeous in your wedding gown.
Husband James – watch a catch!
As a couple, they’re a perfect match.



Oh, you know that embedded song you’ve been playing whilst browsing these photos? As their first dance song, it was beautiful. Made even better by James’ brother behind the microphone.

first dance







The Photobooth made an appearance, complementing the pumping dancefloor.



photo booth

photo strips

But you know what struck me most about this wedding? Hannah’s smiles. There’s barely a moment during the entire day when she wasn’t beaming with happiness. Go ahead, have a look again, count them. And that’s not all of the photos, oh no. Hannah mentioned to us after the wedding how much she enjoyed the day – how she was able to sit back, take it all in and enjoy it. And that’s what we love to see most of all. Happiness. It’s here in abundance.

Hannah & James, We Do love you!

sky night