“An Ode to the Ever Clever Jason and Aneta”

We’re at the same time chuffed, a little embarrassed and overly delighted to receive this recent review by the beautiful Hannah.

It’s been posted over on our WeddingWise profile. Isn’t this the cutest limerick ever written? :)

WE DO… We Did and You Should

~ An Ode to the Ever Clever Jason and Aneta

We once met a nice guy called Jace,
Whose skinny black tie is quite ace,
As as for Aneta
WE DO hope you’ve met her,
They’ll both put a smile on your face

We said “Guys we are quite a big fan,
We need help and WE DO think you can,
Take a photo quite arty,
And join in the party,
Will you help? We’ve a wedding to plan!”

Willingly as a bride I confess,
We do know about pre-wedding stress,
But Bridezilla or not
They will capture that shot,
WE DO mark them “A plus” and no less!

And then, WE DO highlight the truth,
Their black box will then capture your youth
It’s four poses of fun,
WE DO love this one,
It’s their magical, cool photo booth!

WE DO love the result – can’t pretend,
You must tell each and every friend
There’s no doubt they’re the best
And their blog tells the rest
In summary: WE DO recommend!!