Mel & Matt

How did Matt get a hottie like that to a party like this?

Gear Homestead. Actually the scene of the infamous alien battle from Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste, although this day was nothing like that movie. :)

Replace gore and blood splatter with sunshine and warmth, replace guns with bottles of bubbly and replace aliens from space with a bride and groom clearly in love, and you have the recipe for a fantastic wedding!

The always awesome Rowan from Invision Photography was a second shooter for me on this particular wedding, and he rocked it. Thanks buddy.


Gear Homestead

Table Setting


Guests laughing

Grandmother in doorway

Groom and Bride preparation

Bridal entrance

At the altar


Ring and First Kiss

The Most Beautiful Girl

Music and laughter


Emotional tears

Hugs & Kisses

Father hug

Laughter and fun


Red barn

Run upstairs

Tilt Shift photo

Bridal portraits

Funny group photo

You can see the Love


Family fun & games

Plimmerton beach


Mana Island Tilt Shift

Beloved couple black & white



Aotea Harbour hillside

Wellington Wedding Catering Buffet Fine Touch

Documentary style



Setting sun

Chocolate wedding cake

Cake cutting shot

Ibanez guitar ring shot

Wedding rings


Photo Booth

Dress up costumes


Homestead party

iPod music playlist

Dance Floor dancing

Gear Homestead at night

Mel & Matt – thank you for allowing Rowan and myself to be a part of your special day.

You’re a legend Matt.