Kahiwa & Grant – a prelude

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about technical (im)perfection.

Much of our craft has been dedicated to not allowing technical deficiencies to get in the way of delivering a good image. We own the best pro-level cameras for this line of work (Nikon FX digital SLRs if you’re interested!) We carry an array of fast prime lenses that focus quickly and allow us to shoot in very low light (we love our f/1.4 Nikon primes). We carry backups of everything. The only thing getting in our way should be our creativity.

But sometimes it doesn’t help. Getting a technically perfect image isn’t easy. Sometimes, throughout the frantic pace of a wedding day, you miss a shot. Your judgement of the light is off. Your exposure is off. Your focus is off.

This is one of those images. A mistake. In the dark bridal preparation room my camera hunted for the focus. I snapped it anyway. Ordinarily I wouldn’t dream of delivering an image like this to a client, let alone blogging it for the world to see. But I love it. The shadows and subtlety almost say more than the fully-focused image would have.

Erskine Wellington Wedding

More to come.