Amanda & Geoff – NZIPP Iris Awards Wedding Album finalist

Boof! POW! Wham.

At the 2012 NZIPP Iris Awards I was looking to enter something a little different. A little unique. A little more rock ‘n roll than a traditional wedding album.

The idea of a comic book came to me, and using Amanda & Geoff’s Wellington wedding I managed to craft a pop-art, stylised comic book artbook. It received a Bronze medal, and placed me as a finalist in the Wedding Album category!

Hope you enjoy the story of Amanda & Geoff’s wedding, as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thanks Amanda & Geoff!

Oriental parade wedding photos
Groomsmen shave wedding day
Botanic Gardens Remembrance Ridge wedding
Botanic Gardens wedding
Bride Groom portrait Wellesley
Steve the Crooner and Photobooth Fun
Speeches and cutting cake and first dance
Wellesley Boutique Hotel Wellington