The Photobooth in action!

Here’s a little promo video we recently put together of the Photobooth in action.

It seems a lot of people didn’t know what our Photobooth looked like – the fact it’s stylish and black, and blends in nicely to almost any venue.

They didn’t realise it’s a stand-up Photobooth – no seating limitations, look how many people you can squeeze in there!

They didn’t realise there’s a monitor to check your hair or perfect your pose – you know exactly how the photo is going to turn out.

And they didn’t know what our 6×4″ printed photosheets actually look like – what’s the point in a skinny little strip when we can print nice big photos? It’s not the 1960’s anymore!

So here’s a quick promo video we recently made – 1 min 45 secs of Photobooth awesomeness. Thanks to Daniel & Elena for letting us use their wedding!

Music track is “Daisy” by the awesome Fang Island. Check them out. Seriously. This was our soundtrack to the summer. There’s a high chance when driving to your wedding this summer we pumped ourselves up with a little bit of Fang Island, so if you want to know what makes WE DO tick, have a listen! (Plus their record label Sargent House was awesome enough to give me permission to use this track for my video. How cool is that? Buy their album. We did.)

Have a watch. Have a laugh. Book the Photobooth for your next event! :)