Jono & Emma – bespoke invitation design

Jono and Emma were really keen to have a photographic invitation. They had hunted around to find vintage clothing in colours to match their wedding colour scheme of maroon and sky blue. One warm mid-winter day we headed out to the Silverstream Railway Museum to take some engagement photos, which set the scene for their vintage travel inspired wedding. More from the wedding coming soon!

The invitation was a simple card incorporating their colour scheme. It featured a collage of the photos on the front and the wedding details on the back. These details included the web address for the wedding website we also created for them. This allowed them to give more information about the wedding day, the bridal party, show off some more of their photos, and even gave their guests a place to register their attendance.

custom wedding invitations

bespoke wedding invitations

tarureka estate invitations and stationery

wedding website

vintage wedding invitations

If you are looking to personalise your invitations with your engagement photos, email us! We will happily have a chat and discuss having a fun morning or afternoon out photographing you in a style you’d like to set for your wedding day.

Amanda & Geoff – bespoke wedding stationery

The main aim of Amanda & Geoff’s day was to have fun and be themselves. Their wedding stationery allowed them to do just that – a whimsical idea designed with scientific precision…

As they are both in science-based jobs we included science undertones in their wedding day stationery. The front of the invitation featured a logo with their initials in the form of elements from a periodic table. As the ceremony was held on Remembrance Ridge high up in the Wellington Botanic Gardens, they wanted to include the garden in some way. So we entwined the logo with green leafed vine, which also featured as decorative pieces on the inside and created a pattern for the back of the RSVP postcard, which was perforated for guests to post back to them.

botanic gardens Remembrance Ridge

custom made wedding invitation design

invitation design with RSVP postcard

It was only natural for the seating plan to take the form of a periodic table on the wedding day – every guest’s initials made up an element of the “highly scientific” chart. The guests definitely had to have their thinking caps on to find their place at the Wellesley Boutique Hotel!

Wellesley Boutique Hotel

periodic table plan for wedding

people pointing table plan at wedding reception

Each table had a number with the buffet menu on the back, and each guests place was marked with their periodic element on a card wedged in their fork – a fun way to display a place card.

wedding seating plan

table place setting in fork

wedding table details

If you are looking for something different for your invitations or wedding day items – something personalised with your style, story or history, email us! We will happily have a chat and discuss how we can create custom made stationery unique to you and your wedding day.

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