Capturing the moment

Photography is about a lot of things. The coming together of the right scene, the right lighting and the right moment. As we press the shutter we imprint a visualisation of the scene, captured everlasting for others to share.

We make a lot of fuss over many facets of your wedding day. The fine details that you’ve spent months perfecting and aligning with your style. The natural beauty of the bride and bridesmaids. The closest and dearest friends and family all gathered to celebrate your joy. The dashing groom, lavish cake and stunning reception room.

These are all important. But what matters most to us is timing. The moment we chose to press the shutter.

When we press the shutter all other facets of our image are already aligned. In tune with our surroundings, aware of the light available to us and camera always ready for that particular circumstance, we strive for the moment.

That moment.


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