An ode to Christchurch

With hue like that when some great painter dips his pencil in the gloom of earthquake and eclipse.

Christchurch. Feb 22. 12.51pm. On what is shaping up to be undoubtedly New Zealand’s darkest day ever, the earth roared.

Our current Christchurch clients, Melissa & Martin, survived the quake, but the household due to host their wedding reception didn’t fare quite so well. We supported their decision to postpone, and will support any decisions they make regarding their wedding going forward. Our thoughts are with all of you, whether you were directly affected or simply suffering alongside the rest of New Zealand, and our heart goes out to you.

Stay strong Christchurch.

At a time like this it seems inappropriate to blog the emotions and joyousness of a wedding, therefore we present to you: our ode to Christchurch.

DSC_0642 DSC_0629