Inspiration – Back To The Future

This has nothing to do with weddings. Nothing at all.

But who doesn’t love a little photographic creativity? And this is one of the best we’ve seen.

Irina Werning entered people’s houses and poked through their old photographs. Fascinated by their retro look, but also beginning to imagine how people would feel and look if they were to reenact them today… she actually did it. She took them back to their future.

The attention to detail, the attention to lighting, the post-processing. Just amazing. Here’s a sample (be sure to click through for more):

20_pancho-web (1)




Congratulations Nella!

We always love keeping in touch with our upcoming brides & grooms. It’s nice to share in the excitement, passing back tips and ideas, and watch them make their way towards their big day.

We were just as chuffed as Nella when she was recently the winner of the Astra Bridal Win your Wedding Dress competition. Congratulations Nella!

As a teaser, this is the beautiful Nella and dashing Talia from a recent engagement shoot.


Stay tuned for more Nella & Talia goodness soon..

Hey, remember us… ?!

Wow, we’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, haven’t we!  However, not so on the photography front – in fact, quite the opposite.

We’re solidly booking up for next summer: If you’re interested in Photography or Photobooth packages – or a combination of both! – get in contact and let’s have a chat!

Things are ticking along. Here’s a little teaser of things we’ve been working on lately.

We’ve been photographing various products, including these beautiful looking (and tasting!) French Macarons:


We’ve been working with commercial clients including looking for creative angles in a Pilates studio:


The Photobooth has been out and about on the town:

0115 20100417_231442

And we’ve still been doing what we love best of all, and photographing people. In this case, very small people:


DSC_0775 DSC_0788We’ve also got some very exciting Photobooth news.
Our Photobooth has spent the last 2 months being cleaned and renovated and given it’s W.O.F. and will be showing very soon at a Westfield near you – keep an eye out on the blog for more details! As another quick teaser, have a peek at these images.

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