We Do Photobooth

The Photobooth Concept

One button. Four different photos. Four seconds apart. One photosheet ejected from the booth moments later. From the privacy of our Photobooth who knows what your guests will get up to!

The Photobooth perfectly and easily accommodates groups of 2-4 people, but we’ve had as many as 8 in the booth at any one time!  Your guests can take the photosheet home with them as a special memory of the day. We’ll deliver a DVD of all images to you after the event, and these are yours to do with as you wish!

We Come To You

Your wedding. Your engagement. Your 21st. Your party. We can bring the Photobooth to your function. We are primarily operating in the greater Wellington (New Zealand) region, but if you’re outside this region get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Portable and Collapsible

We’ll arrive at least 30mins before the scheduled time to setup the Photobooth. We can setup the Photobooth almost anywhere – with a footprint of 1.0m x 2.0m you can squeeze it into the smallest hallway or let it take centre stage in the middle of the room!

Constructed and operational in under 20mins, all we need is a power socket!

Although the Photobooth is entirely automatic, we’ll stay and continue to oversee the operation and ensure your guests are having the best time possible!

Unlimited Photos

No limit to the number of photos taken by your guests. No cost for visits to the Photobooth or the photosheet prints. Get in the booth, pull the curtain closed, press the green button and take away your photosheet. Repeat.

Box of props

We always bring along a good selection of suitable props for a little extended fun in the Photobooth. You want geeky glasses, funky hats or sexy feather boas? We’ve got ’em!

High Quality Prints

The photosheets are dye-sublimation 6″ x 4″ prints.  What does this mean?  It means the photosheets are a very high quality print with a protective coating, and they are dry and ready to handle as soon as they exit the photobooth.  You can choose to have the photosheets printed in colour or black & white, and branded with corporate logos, ridiculous themes or simply the details of your function.  Take a look in our gallery for further examples.

Guest Book

The perfect addition to the fun and frivolities of the photobooth at your event – we’ll double-print every photosheet and guests can place their photo inside our guestbooks alongside their personal messages to make the memories of that special day even more complete.

See this blog post for more details of the GuestBook addon.

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