WE DO Photography

Creative editorial wedding photography…

…and a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Artful photojournalism.

Fine-art documentary.

Creative editorial.

Layered. Grungy. Real.

All of these could be used to describe our approach to wedding photography.

We’re always looking for good light. Mirrors & reflections. Frames within frames. A smile. A laugh. A tear.

Every individual photo should stand alone and tell a story.

But collectively, they tell a beautiful, wonderful story. Your story.

Working with us

Our goal is simple. To capture and tell the story of your wedding day with carefully composed artistic photographs.

We do our best to fit in with you and your guests. Being a part of the day helps us capture the natural emotions. Very few of our photos are posed.

We’d be lying if we said you won’t notice us, but we go out of our way to help your big day flow the way you planned. We are not the focus – you are. We won’t hold up the dinner plans because of our photo session, or ask you to do things you’re not comfortable doing. Be yourself.

And of course, who doesn’t want to a bit of fun along the way? ;)

Why hire us?

We’re a team of 2

On the most important day of your life, not a moment missed. We’re 2 photographers. Every time. 2 cameras. 2 angles. 2 creative viewpoints.

We’re married too

We lived together, traveled together, married together, and now we’re working together. We’ve been there. We met – teenage sweethearts – in 1997. Engaged 8 years later in 2006, we were married at Wellington’s Erskine Chapel in 2008.

We understand what’s important

You can have your runway shoes, your designer dress, your handmade table decorations or your gifted jewellery. But what really matters? It’s the people you surround yourself with, your family, friends and guests. Sure, we’ll capture your details (Aneta is especially good at this), but we know what photos are really important.

We’ve won awards

We don’t make a big deal about them, but we’re proud of our NZIPP awards. See some of them here. Some others are hanging on our studio walls, you’ll have to visit us to see them!

– – – – –

We’re Wellington based – right in the middle of the country – but always prepared to travel. We’ve been to Queenstown, to Cambridge, to Christchurch, to Taupo. I’m sure we can travel to your wedding.

We’re constantly looking to evolve our craft. To tell a better story. If you want us to be a part of your memories – get in touch.

Our blog posts are always a good indication of how we approach a wedding, and we’re extremely proud of our DVD slideshows – contact us to view some of these (music licensing laws mean we can’t present these publicly, as much as we’d love to).

NZIPP Qualified Member

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