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How many of you are there?

2 photographers – Jason, as the primary, and hopefully/possibly Aneta, as the 2nd shooter

How much is our deposit?

25% of your entire package (typically around $1,250), with the remainder payable just prior to your wedding.

Do you travel?

Only within New Zealand. Travel costs are 2 x night’s accommodation, the travel costs to/from your destination (petrol where possible, otherwise flights), and other small expenses (transfers, rental car, etc). Most travel costs are within the $500-700 region.

Do you have insurance? Do you have backups?

We carry 4-5 cameras to your wedding, and we really only need 2, so yes. Plenty of backups. Also, $2,000,000 professional indemnity insurance. Yes, that’s 6 zeroes.

How many photos do we get?

The numbers vary, but you should expect 60/hour, i.e. 600 over a 10-hour day.

Do we get black & white photos?

Of course! You don’t see much black & white on our blog – we LOVE colour – but all photos are delivered in both Colour and Black & White. Double the images. Double the fun.

Do you eat?

If we’re staying for the Reception (95% of weddings), we’ll request your caterers put together a plate for us. However, we also carry our own muesli bars and bananas and plenty of powerade. :)

Can our guests take photos?

Yes PLEASE. Let Uncle Bob go crazy. We don’t mind guests taking photos all day long – even during the Ceremony.

How long should we take for our photos?

As long as you want – it’s your wedding day, not our photo session. However, if you want advice, try signing up for our timing guide.

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